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fulluser test-rcpt-dns-rbl again

Hi Matti!

	I've installed smtpserver from CVS after your announce
(thank you for patch). user@domain = _rbl1 work great now, but
fulluser behavior not exactly as domain one.

test@lincore.net relaytarget + = _rbl1  #isn't working

moveing at about policytest.c:1400
if (valueeq(state->values[P_A_TestRcptDnsRBL], "+")) {
if (valueeq(state->values[P_A_RELAYTARGET], "+")) {
looks like resolve it.
does it break any logic ?

however it's not a problem for me.

	At second, can you point me about how can (if can) I exclude
user from rbl testing like a

domain.net relaytarget + = _rbl1
user@domain.net test-rcpt-dns-rbl -

for now "domain.net test-rcpt-dns-rbl -" override 
"user@domain.net test-rcpt-dns-rbl -".

This situation some critical in my case.

	In passing I let myself to describe my ideas about smtpserver policy
and scripting.
	Why not to use zsh as scriping lang in smtpserver. Implementing
simple script language like Eugene proposed dont resolve "no such user" 
at connection time problem but relay-tesing only. "no such user" fully can
be done only by router (since I have dirty smtp-policy based hack at my
system which half-resolved it).
I see Two only problems with smtpserver-router symbiosis are security and
performance. Security problem may be lighten by implementing some tipe
of sandbox in router (it will be useful in regular router process too)
in accessing filesystem like it JVM does.
Performance goal can be hit by running additional pool of
router (or even better using standart one) and communicating with it
by some sort of RPC (pipe, rpc, tcp chat) as optional future.
	I dont sure if implemetation will be painless and my scribble was not
stupid too much ;) For a while current smtp-policy engine almost enought
for me.

Thanks again for test-rcpt-

Sergei Fomin, Networks dept. head, SF721-RIPE
Lincom ISP. http://www.lin.com.ua
Kharkov, Ukraine. phone: +380 (572) 194-144