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Re: Problem with secondary server

On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 02:07:47PM +0100, Rocio Alfonso Pita wrote:
>  Hello!
>    I'll try to explain my problem. Excuse me for my english.
>    I have a primary server with zmailer and a secondary one with zmailer
> too. In the DNS configuration the 10 MX is the primary and the 20 MX is
> the secondary.
>    The problem is that standing the primary up, messages are incoming to
> the secondary server. Why?

  "standing the primary up" = "stopping the primary" ?
  Or "starting the primary" ?

>    When a message is in the secondary server, why doesn't it come back
> to the primary server?

  Immediately ?  Or never at all ?

  You might see explanation to that question by running command:
	mailq -v | less
  (as a root, most likely) at your secondary machine.

  Another view of things shows up with command:  mailq -Q

  If you have done something awkward, like having *same* hostname for
  both machines, or have configured your host IP addresses into the
  zmailer.conf  SELFADDRESSES=  variable, and have *same* zmailer.conf
  at both machines, that might be the reason.
  (For normal uses the  SELFADDRESSES=  should not be defined at all,
   it is for extremely strange fail-over/load-balance clusters.)

  The messages that have accumulated into the secondary system *should*
  get sent out sometime, command   mailq -Q  will show you propably
  some  W=  value which tells how much time until next send attempt.
  (Or then the transmission is running actively, or there is some
   semi-mystic explanation on hold reason.)

>    Thanks in advantage.
>      Rozio

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>