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Re: Outgoing queue....

#  Expirer -- a crude script to alter "r     XXXXX YYYYYY..." into
#                                     "r+    XXXXX YYYYYY..."
#  Stop the scheduler, have system to quinche, then:
#       cd $POSTOFFICE/transport
#       ...../expirer.sh "smtp xyz.fii.foo.faa"

Hi Arnt,

Thanks for pointing this out... I must admit I'd forgotten about some of 
these utilities.

While I'm not familiar with the term 'quinche' it appears from the context 
that it means 'quiet'. I would assume that means that along with the 
scheduler, all transport agents and router processes must also be 
stopped? Am I right in assuming that smtpserver processes could possibly

And while this looks like it will work, with the increasing amount of 
spam we face, I was hoping for a method that could be used 'on the fly' 
and would cover a longer time period.

At one point I though about an `expirer ` type program that would search 
messages down and simply (mv) remove them from the queue... however

Neither  `expirer ` or my idea work as well as I would like because, in 
part, I'm seeing spam being relayed off of several sites (which makes it 
difficult to block) but then end up with a common 'channel/host', stuck 
for several days in the outbound queue and with new arrivals appearing 
(possibly from new relay sites) over several days... yuck!

Thanks again for the reply!

David Potter

On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

> "David L. Potter" <potter@chebucto.ns.ca>
> > About a week ago I sent this off but I don't recall seeing any 
> > replies/suggestions, time has resolved the issues associated with that 
> > particular set of messages but I'd still like a strategy to deal with this 
> > sort of problem.
> I usually use manual-expirer.
> --Arnt