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Re: maxchannel/maxring

On  6-Feb-01 at 15:04, Matti Aarnio (mea@nic.funet.fi) wrote:

> > I tried to blindly increase maxchannel/maxring beyond 255 and the
> > scheduler first started as many agents as I asked but then got crasy
> > (stopped responding to mailq command).

>      Scheduler uses sfio to remove this stupid limitation you so
>      nicely observe at native Solaris stdio library.
>      You need to up the  maxchannel=,  maxta= and maxring= values
>      suitably.  "maxta=0" is good value too as it uses systemcalls
>      to figure the real ultimate limit on the number of files that
>      the scheduler can have open -> the number of child processes.
>      ... but I have tested only versions less than 1/2 years old
>      with huge numbers of FDs in use.

As you might have noticed, I routinely run near-the-latest-cvs version
in production ;-)


After I restart scheduler, I first get

mailq: connect failed to localhostmailq: connect failed to localhost

(btw there are really two of them concatenated, and no new line at the end),
then mailq shows growing number of Threads and Msgs and zero Procs, then
as the whole queue is adopted Procs start growing, then mailq stops
responding, and scheduler log stops growing.  Scheduler is dead, no new
deliveries are done.  When maxring=200, everyting works fine.

Solaris 7 on on sun4u, gcc 2.95.2, week or two old Zmailer cvs version.