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RE: problem with relaying

Dear Matti and other Zmailer admins,

-> >
-> > Suddenly for us, it turned out that our Zmailer server has
-> serious problem
-> > with passing relay tests from mail-abuse.org. Therefore our mail server
-> > landed on mail-abuse's relay blacklist as potential spammers tool.
-> 	If they still do that, they are assuming that anybody with
-> 	non-sychronous local address analysis must be system for
-> 	uncontrolled relaying...
-> > There are seventeen tests on mail-abuse which one can check by
-> the command:
-> >
-> >  telnet mail-abuse.org
-> >
-> > submitted from his mail server.
-> >
-> > Zmailer ver. 2.99.54, did pass all but the test number thirteen. In
->     It can be rejected syncronously *IF* you run router synchronously.
->     Simpler way is to add an entry to file:
-> 		$MAILVAR/db/smtp-policy.spam.manual
-> 	"nobody@mail-abuse.org"@
->     and then invoke  $MAILBIN/policy-builder.sh

thank you a tip but is it possible to use e.g. "nobody@*"@ or some kind of
other variations ?

Slawek told syncronous mode is unsafe mode to use, is there any better ideas
to protect zmailer against spammers?

Best Regards,
Mika H