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problem with relaying


Suddenly for us, it turned out that our Zmailer server has serious problem
with passing relay tests from mail-abuse.org. Therefore our mail server
landed on mail-abuse's relay blacklist as potential spammers tool. 

There are seventeen tests on mail-abuse which one can check by the command:

 telnet mail-abuse.org

submitted from his mail server. 

Zmailer ver. 2.99.54, did pass all but the test number thirteen. In
/var/log/mail/smtpserver for the test number thirteen:

PUwv23193w      250 2.0.0 2.0.0 Reset processed, now waiting for MAIL command
PUwv23193r      mail from: <spamtest@mailserver.our.domain.pl>
PUwv23193w      250 2.1.0 Sender syntax Ok
PUwv23193r      rcpt to: <"nobody@mail-abuse.org"@[]>
PUwv23193w      250 2.1.5 Recipient address syntax Ok; rcpt=<"nobody@mail-abuse.org"@[]>
PUwv23193r      QUIT
PUwv23193w      221 2.0.0 mailserver.our.domain.pl Out

where is our mailserver IP number.

The "rcpt to" address has been accepted - although it shouldn't be according
to mail-abuse.  

My question is: 

 How to protect Zmailer's smtpserver against allowing addresses
 like "*@*"@[our.IP], for example: "nobody@mail-abuse.org"@[]

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