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Re: Zmailer relaying problem ... (again)

On Wed, Jan 03, 2001 at 07:18:29PM +0100, Henryk Czapski wrote:
> Hello
> I've got zmailer 2.99.54 release and real problem with relaying
> restrictions. My customers are connected from different IP's and
> locations, normal blocking in smtp-policy.relay and smtp-policy.mx make no
> sense, so I'm looking for some kind of pop3 daemon with possibility
> of authenticating relaying under zmailer MTA. Normal relay blocking under
> zmailer is not enough in my situation. Shortly saids : I want to allow
> sending emails by users by my host only if they authenticate themselves
> _before_ they use my host as relaying host.

   I would suggest using SMTP AUTH, which by default is functional
   only under TLS encryption.  (Cleartext passwords, and all that.)

> Have you got any proposals ?
> I tried to use whoson, but till this moment it doesn't work.

   It needs patches to POP and/or IMAP servers in addition to of running
   whoson server process.  It essentially logs IP address from which the
   successfull connection was made, and keeps (among others) username
   as supplied by the application to the whoson server.

   What the smtpserver will then do is ask if SMTP source IP address is
   known to the whoson server, and what is known about it.

> P.S. Maybe I've got wrong configured conf files... Could somebody send to
> me some example files in situation when customer has a virtual domain on
> server and is connecting from different locations.
> I'll be very grateful for any help. 
> --Regards
>                                                   Henryk Czapski
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/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>