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Re: sender rewriting fixed and other misc things

	I am returning among the living ones.

	Having a sore throat and persistent cough makes life miserable...
	... not to mention the fractured shoulder I caught while trying
	to have snow-fun with my silicon valley friends.

On Mon, Dec 18, 2000 at 06:22:31AM +0300, Eugene Crosser wrote:
> Hello,
> here are several unimportant notes and diffs, but at the very end there
> is a very important one.  Please have a look.
> 1. make install does not make $POSTOFFICE/public and $POSTOFFICE/router
>    world-writable as they should be (or is it my mistake?)

	Hmm..   The  "post-install.sh"  script does them.

	Indeed I am not sure, I will put that into check list.

  (Most of your patch suggestions are applied as is)

> 3. X-Envelope-To: contains irrelevant figure for uid (nobody's?)

	In case of pipe runs or file storages it should be indicative
	of what privilege is used to run the injection.  For mailbox
	injection things work differently, of course.

	For quite a while I have pondered of need to add some sort
	of local-delivery agent configuration file -- say ~/.mailboxrc
	but what shall it contain -- some simple driver parameters,
	like what headers to add while storing ?  Or also more complex
	things like Sieve scripts ?

> 5. The last and most important.  The problem of envelope senders
>    automagically moving to default domain if they originally where
>    in one of local domains is hopefully pinpointed.  The culprit
>    was aliases.cf.  When routeuser expands recipient address, it
>    returns quad (((... "$user$plustail$domain" ...))).  But when
>    it expands sender address, it returns the quad that it received
>    as first argument and therefore "@domain" is not added to the
>    user element.  As a result, router() called from router/rfc822.c
>    around line 1580 returns user element of the quad in local form,
>    without domain.  Later on, crossbar takes care of qualifying
>    local name into canonic domain address using $mydomain.  Voila!
>    sender address is changed.  Simple fix follows.  I wonder if
>    it may break if $chan != local.  OTOH, it cannot be non-local
>    in routeuser?  Or am I missing something?  Matti?

	Not that I can see.  My bad, most likely.
	(And I added the missing backslash there too.)

>         case "$type" in
>         sender)
> -               a=$(userdb "$user:mailname") || return (($quad))
> -               return ((("$chan" "$a" "$user" $attr)))
> +               a=$(userdb "$user:mailname")
> +                 || return ((("$chan" "$host" "$user$plustail$domain"
> $attr)))
> +               return ((("$chan" "$a" "$user$plustail$domain" $attr)))
>                 ;;
>         esac
> --
> Eugene, who is not going to sleep this night because in an hour
> it's time to take shower, have breakfast and go to the office.
> Ouch!

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>