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Re: mailbox processes growing

On  8-Dec-00 at 13:51, Matti Aarnio (mea@nic.funet.fi) wrote:

> > It seems that unreasonable growth of mailbox processes is not connected
> > with "-S" option: they grow without it as well.  That is, before
> > mimeheaders reorganization.  Now I put in production recent CVS version,
> > will see if things change...
>     I saw such hyper-growth two days ago myself too.
>     It did lead to out-of-memory condition, and all merriment
>     what *that* one causes..

As to mailbox growth, I am almost sure that it is not related to -S.
Anyway, current version does not try to unlink directories, thank God!
(or, rather, thank Matti;)

At this moment, the worst problem for me is rewritten "envelope from" -
it causes wrong people receiving (non)delivery reports that may contain
actual messages...  Maybe I'll try to investigate it myself while you
are at IETF...