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Re: mimeheaders etc

> > 2. On Solaris (7 in my case), mailbox processes eventually grow to
> > hughe size and eat all swap.  I mean, 30 Mb or more per process,
> > while the message size is limited to 10 Mb.  Any ideas about that?
>      One mimeheaders problem did cause that behaviour over
>      past couple days, but other than that, I don't see any
>      problem here.   Of course I don't have Sol7/64-bit systems
>      where I would have any sort of load. (Not even a test-toy.)
>      (Nor I use the '-S' option.  Is the problem there ?)

I removed -S option now, will see if it makes difference (it usually
takes a few days/weeks to notice the problem).
Also, to my taste mailbox processes are using too much CPU.  In "top"
display, they show 2+% cpu each *even* if they do not perform delivery
at the moment!