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hm.. weird Mail From:


I wonder why does zmailer allows such Mail From:

3WU228539r      MAIL From:<> SIZE=56370
3WU228539w      250 2.1.0 Sender syntax Ok
3WU228539r      RCPT To:<mad@devil.inside.pin.pl>
3WU228539w      250 2.1.5 Ok; can accomodate 56370 byte message for
It's not a problem of that the host was in smtp-policy.{src,relay,mx}
It was ordinary host... 
Btw, I've got in smtpserver.conf:

# Per default demant strict syntactic adherence, including fully
# qualified addresses for  MAIL FROM, and RCPT TO.  To be lenient
# on that detail, remove the "R" from "veR" string below:
*                   999 veR

I'm rather shore thar <> email is not fully quialified address. :)

        Tomasz Bojakowski

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