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mimeheaders etc


please inform us when you are satisfied with mimeheaders stuff that
you are currently working at.  I am eager to check if your recent
changes really fixed the problem of unlinking directories, but I am
not sure if current status is safe enough for production environment.

While I am here, I'd like to remind about two serious known problems:

1. If you have virtual domains a.com and b.com both in localnames,
a.com is also in mail.conf, and a user john@b.com sends mail, then
if john@a.com exists "envelope from" gets rewritten from john@b.com
into john@a.com.  This is undesired.

2. On Solaris (7 in my case), mailbox processes eventually grow to
hughe size and eat all swap.  I mean, 30 Mb or more per process,
while the message size is limited to 10 Mb.  Any ideas about that?