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Re: help... ZMailer 2.99.54's scheduler is still dying

On 22-Nov-00 at 22:13, Matti Aarnio (mea@nic.funet.fi) wrote:

> > I reported this one and reported when it happens: if there is a message
> > with "Return-Receipt-To:" header which is multiline and has actual
> > address in the second line.  Notifications created by Zmailer in
> > responce to such messages have pathalogical content and they cause
> > errors as below.  Even worse, sometimes they result in unlink()
> > argument that is the name of a directory; then you have all messages
> > in that directory disappear from the queue!
>      Hmm.. The "Return-Receipt-To:" handling is entirely within
>      the local-delivery   --  mailbox, and furthermore, it requires
>      that you run the mailbox program with   -S  option on.
>      Do you ?

Yes I do.  At least now I understand why *you* do not see this ;-)
Well, even if there is an error in mailbox or in my local changes
to that (very unlikely), scheduler shall be more tolerant to such

I once sent you a queue file that causes scheduler's attempt to unlink
directory, do I need to find another one and send it to you again?
Just tell me.