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Re: help... ZMailer 2.99.54's scheduler is still dying

I reported this one and reported when it happens: if there is a message
with "Return-Receipt-To:" header which is multiline and has actual
address in the second line.  Notifications created by Zmailer in
responce to such messages have pathalogical content and they cause
errors as below.  Even worse, sometimes they result in unlink()
argument that is the name of a directory; then you have all messages
in that directory disappear from the queue!

Sorry I had no time to investigate the actual way it (mis)works;
at this time I have a workaround here: I am checking if the argument
of unlink() is a regular file and if it is then do unlink.  A bad
way because this is extra directory operation, but at least I don't
have mail disappearing...

On 22-Nov-00 at 21:07, Piotr Glaska (stroker@supermedia.pl) wrote:

> > The problem is still in 2.99.54; the scheduler just dies after a while.
> > scheduler: unlink(../queue/M-Ho^Z)[sch-unctl-2]: No such file or
> > directory 
> I've got the same problem:
>  scheduler: unlink(../queue/J/X]^Q@X]^Q@12656)[sch-unctl-2]: No such file
>  or directory
> and scheduler dies
> It happens _at__least_ once a day :-(
> zmailer-2.99.54, linux i386 (same problem on 2.99.53pre1)
> Regards,
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