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smtpd or scheduler problem


First of fall thanks for the tip with ndbm :)
And now.. I've upgraded to recent cvs shot...
Unfortunetly a little problem occured [maybe sth. changed in config, didn't had
time to check them yet]. Well the problem is, when for some reason mail
couldn't be deliver to reciepient (ie. host is not responding) the mail lands
in mail queue... everythings fine, but after upgrade sth. has broken.
Mail lands there, but: a) without reason (ie. no route to host). b) tries=0
_always_ (the retry in counts down, reaches 0, and again...).
Oh, in logs from scheduler sth. like that:

Resyncing file "N/374569-30123" (ino=374569 pid=8913 of=1 ho='poczta.wp.pl')
reclaim(6,-1) pid=-8913, reaped=1, chan=smtp, host=poczta.wp.pl SIGNAL=11

os: openbsd.2.7 i386
Oh.. and what more interesting, it happens _only_ to emails wich are send via
smtp.. not invoked from local account (via sendmail em.)

        Tomasz Bojakowski