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Router rejection corrupts syslog and header

Greetings.  I recently implemented router rejection for invalid addresses on 
inbound messages.  The rejection process appears to work correctly.  In the 
process, however, I'm experiencing a couple unexpected side effects.  First, 
router logging to syslog for messages sent by users in the domain in question 
incorrectly shows the sender as <>, while showing the recipient correctly.  
Second, and more important, this loss of the sender's address seems to also be 
happening on the envelope because if the receiving system attempts to return the 
message as undeliverable it fails when it gets to my server as also 

My hope is I have missed a configuration step and someone will enlighten me!

I'm running 2.99.54 on Debian Linux.  For clarity, here is an example of the 
entries I made:

in routes
Domain1.com               error!nosuchuser

in fqdnaliases
user1@Domain1.com:        user1
user2@Domain1.com:        user2


Neal Morgan

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