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Re: Zmailer on FreeBSD

Slawek Zak wrote:
> It's been some time since I tried to run Zmailer on FreeBSD 3.4. It
> failed, mixing headers of various messages into other - outgoing and
> incoming messages. I've heard that newer than .51 releases are
> segfaulting (smtp) and .53 doesn't even compile. Are there plans to
> fix Zmailer on BSD?
> Is it only FreeBSD? Some success stories on Open- and/or NetBSD?

	I'm using ZMailer on FreeBSD since ZMailer 2.99.49 and FreeBSD-2.1 
It's compile and works fine before 2.99.51 -- in this version I observe
mixing headers of various messages into other for first time.  Now I use
ZMailer-2.99.52 on FreeBSD-3.4 RELEASE about 100 messages per day and I
haven't this problem.  But on another FreeBSD-3.4 box with
ZMailer-2.99.51 and about 16,000 - 17,000 messages per day this problem
still present.

	I don't know where is problem but I think that is FreeBSD's mmap()

	CU, Victor Gamov