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incorrect sender

I'm having problems with the latest Zmailer (2.99.54).

I have my virtual domains stored in the localnames file. Before the upgrade from 2.99.52, the file format was:

.domain1.com domain1.com  <- This is the real domain for the smtp machine
.domain2.com domain2.com

So when somebody send mail from pepe@domain2.com, Zmailer rewrite all the headers, including the sender to pepe@domain2.com. But, with Zmailer 2.99.54, the localnames file has changed, so I have now this format:

domain1.com domain1.com
domain2.com domain2.com

But outgoing messages from domain2.com doesn't have the sender header rewrited as I espected and in case of error, the message return to pepe@domain1.com.

The *.cf files are untouched from 2.99.54 dist.

Any help? This is the correct way to implement virtual domains?



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