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"large customer" cases


We would need info about really large ISP's installation using ZMailer.

We will not disclose any info that we are asked to, though we request to 
disclose as much as possible, especially numbers, but anyway, if you ask 
us to keep all of the info "secret", we will and it would still be useful 
to us.

The point is that a large customer of us is asking us to consider other 
software (payware) with large marketing behind them (software.com, 
critical path, etc).

We are very fond of ZMailer but would like to have some kind of "home-
made" sales documentation.

We are targeting large ISP's with virtual domain hosting (from a few 
hundreds domains to tens of thousands domains and from tens of thousands 
users to hundreds of thousends users).

We are interesting in the following info (but would settle for less, or 
even different info).

Don't forget to tag the info that you want us to keep confidential. That 
info will only be used in aggregate statistics so it can not be 
individually inferred.

Name of provider: 
        (provider is the organization providing mail services, it
        could be you, your organization, or your customer)

        (ISP / ASP / Internet Portal / etc.)

Target profile of provider's customers/users:
        (i.e. what kind of customers/users does the provider have: 
        individual home users, individual business users, small
        businesses, medium business, large corporations, vertical
        markets, etc.; or combinations of the above)

Number of virtual domains hosted:

Number of mailboxes hosted:

Average number of messages/day:

Peak number of messages/hour:

Total number of servers running ZMailer:
        (either as inbound relay, outbound relay, local delivery, etc.)

Describe succintly (if you can/wish) the server distribution:
                2 sun 250 with 512M RAM / 36G HD for inbound relay and
                        mailbox remote access
                2 sun netra t1 with 256M RAM / 18G HD for outbound relay

Means of mailbox access (in order of usage):
        (POP3, IMAP4, WebMail, telnet, etc.)

Server software used for the following services:
        local delivery:
        Whatever else that you think applies:

Add any info that you think is relevant:

We thank you in advance for any info you can provide.

Mariano Absatz
    PGP KEYS: http://www.pert.com.ar/baby/pgpkeys.html
PERT Consultores