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WHOSON Confusion

Greetings!  I have recently upgraded from 2.99.53Pre1 to 2.99.54 after 
receiving a nasty-gram from my ISP informing me I was accepting relays 
containing the syntax "MAIL FROM: <>".  I use WHOSON to validate my external 
users.  In testing this upgrade I noted the following issues, and thought them 
worth mentioning:

1.  SMTPSERVER in interactive mode (-i -d 1) correctly reports a successful 
WHOSON lookup at the top of the debug output, but incorrectly shows the message 
rejected for policy infractions at the bottom.  The same message, from the same 
WHOSON validated IP address is accepted and delivered when not in interactive 
mode.  (This one kept me confused for quite some time as I started with the 
assumption the interactive mode output was a reflection of the "real world.")

2.  Logging to SMTPSERVER includes a "WHOSON" tag on the "connection from" 
line - however this appears to be written prior to the WSO_QUERY call and as 
such its argument (whoson_data) is always null in my log.

These are not show stoppers, but worth reporting.  The good news is I no longer 
fail my ISP's relay test.


Neal Morgan

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