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Zmailer and error messages

Hello there!

Sorry, my english is very bad.

Why zmailer using chanel error (if mailbox dosn't exist, for example)
puts in to first line of letter
"From MAILER-DAEMON Fri Oct  6 00:56:57 2000"
instead of

"From MAILER-DAEMON@nic.funet.fi Fri Oct  6 00:56:57 2000" ?
(nic.funet.fi using for example)

Word MAILER-DAEMON without hostname confusing many other MTA's
(sendmail for example).

Sendmail received this letter from zmailer don't relay it (letter).
Sendmail puts in to first line "From MAILER-DAEMON@"hostname of sendmail""
instead of zmailer.

What to me to do?

Petr Novopashenniy.