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Re: missing openlog()?

Is there any specific reason why zopenlog() is not called just once
when the program is started? It seems that zopenlog() is called for
children and inetd-called parents, but not standalone parents. If
there is no specific reason perhaps the following patchlet would
be okay?

(This is w.r.t 2.99.53.)

--- smtpserver.c.dist	Mon Jun 19 19:57:00 2000
+++ smtpserver.c	Sat Sep 30 19:21:13 2000
@@ -941,6 +941,7 @@
 #if 1
 	pid = getpid();
 	openlogfp(&SS, daemon_flg);
+	zopenlog("smtpserver", LOG_PID, LOG_MAIL);
 	if (logfp != NULL) {
 	  char *cp;

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