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Re: 2.99.54 and localnames

On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 09:33:16PM +0200, Alfredo Sanjuan wrote:
> No way. After upgrading from 2.99.51 to 2.99.54, I still need to run
> 2.99.54 with 2.99.51 cf files. I've delete all
> .db and .zmsh files from the db directory and send a "zmailer newdb"
> command. When Zmailer starts, the mail bounce between my two MX mailers...
> The relevant part of the dbases.conf is (untouched from default):
> aliases	$DBTYPE	0:0:644    -la $MAILVAR/db/aliases -lm
> fqdnaliases	$DBTYPE	root:0:644 -la $MAILVAR/db/fqdnaliases -lm
> userdb	$DBTYPE	root:0:644 -la $MAILVAR/db/userdb -lm
> routesdb	$DBTYPE	-	   -l  $MAILVAR/db/routes -lm
> thishost	$DBTYPE -	   -l  $MAILVAR/db/localnames -lm
> $DBTYPE is btree. After the command the .db and .zmsh files are there.

	Ok, bouncing between MX mailers means
	THOSE don't recognize themselves as MXes, and thus do DNS
	dataset prune incorrectly.

	At smtp-ta the prune is done based on active interface
	address list -- where MXes which have A/AAAA records
	matching on interfaces do get pruned per MX rules.

	(cd transports/smtp; make getmxrr-test; ./getmxrr-test client.dom)

	what is the result ?  (When ran at those MX mailers.)

	If the interface-index routine is the trouble-spot, then
	the test-tool for the occasion:

		cd lib; make selfaddrs-test; ./selfaddrs-test

> I've changed the smtp-policy.src to be the 2.99.54
> version (with my needs in it). With the old cf files the usual bounced
> mail (user doesn't exist) goes to the postmaster instead to sender, so I'm
> buried alive in email (with this subject: Invalid message envelope
> information).
> Very confused.

	me too..

	Eh, you have customized the router scripts ?

> alfredo

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>