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one presentation slideset available for review..

I don't know why I did put also the end-result of renditions into
the CVS, but you can pick them from there too..

Shorther path:  ftp://zmailer.org/zmailer/zmailer-fuug@sea2000.*
(compressed PostScript and PDF available.)

And no, that really is not "ftp.zmailer.org", it is more a co-insidence
from having anonymous FTP server at my external machine where I host
(www.)zmailer.org web pages.

I will get offline (offshore, even) in 15 hours from now.
If you spot something important I omitted (I have really only about
15 slides worth of time, but 70+ slides), I might add something just
before the start of the sessions.

I have to pick the central 15-20 slides for the presentation, but
there might be a BOF latter, and that really is where all that rest
is aimed -- even though some collaterals like all router .cf files
are not printed; prototype .cf files plus prototype /db/ files are
about 7300 lines; say 30 lines per slide, some 240 slides..

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>