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Re: smtp-contentfiler question

On Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 11:47:02AM -0400, Ambrose Li wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been testing 2.99.53 for the last couple of days (huge upgrade from
> 2.99.50s11).
> I noticed that if the policyprogram returns an error message, ZMailer
> currently treats it as a "0" (ok).
> However, if the policydb is defined but cannot be used, ZMailer will issue
> a "4XX policydb problem". I wonder if a problem with the contentfilter
> should also yield a "4XX policyprogram problem" code.
> I looked at the contentpolicy.c file, but it seems that currently there is
> no way to pass a 4XX code back to smtpdata.c, so if the above reasoning is
> right then I have to change the interface. Is my reasoning right?

  Yes,  I have thought of revising it someday, but have spent my cycles at
  other topics recently (vacationing and now something called "work").

  The revised interface could be something like:

	ctrlcode smtpcode-continued text line
	ctrlcode smtpcode last text line

  That is, separate control code driving the behaviour, then just sender
  visible text lines.

  The ctrlcode could be something like:

	0	ok, accept (default reply: "250 Ok")
	1	discard (default reply: "500 content not liked")
	2	freeze  (default reply: "250 delivered into freezer")

  and more carefull response parser making sure that there indeed is
  a numeric control code, with space following it, and then 3 numeric
  chars with space or "-" (continued line, or not).

  If the approver subroutine yields something else, discard the message
  and yield "400 problem with the content policy subsystem"

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