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Handling signals in router

Hi all.

My name is Bartosz Klimek, and this is my first posting to this mailing

I am implementing a kind of extension in zmailer's router, and I've
stuck on the signal handling in router. I must do some cleanup on exit,
but the router child processes are simply killed by SIGTERM when I do
'zmailer stop', no matter what they're doing. Is it really ok? What's
more, when I do 'kill <router main process's pid>', each children
receives SIGPIPE, because it cannot write to pipe.

What I have done with this is adding a signal handling function to
router which does cleanup and re-raises the signal. It works fine. What
do you think about all this?

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Best regards,

Bartosz Klimek

Bartosz Klimek
System Programmer               ONET.PL, Poland
e-mail:bartoszk@onet.pl      http://www.onet.pl