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Re: smtp busylooping

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Roy C. Bixler wrote:

> Have you had any luck in tracking this down?
> I just installed 2.99.53 on Solaris 8 yesterday and notice I've been
> bitten by it twice.  Not only are the messages not delivered, but the
> 'smtp' process memory footprint gradually grows to exceed the memory
> capacity of the server and requires me to take immediate action to keep
> the machine running. :-/
> I haven't looked at any code yet, but both times 'smtp' started
> busylooping and bloating, the delivery was for our MX client.  Meanwhile,
> I have gone back to the 2.99.53pre1 version of 'smtp' and that seems to
> work.

I have noticed looping and memory-leaking with 2.99.52patch1.
(Intel, RedHat 6.1, 2.2.12 machine)
In some loops the receiver had been flooded with mail.
I think smtpserver loops and leaks some, too.

Right now I am testing 2.99.53
(Intel, RedHat 6.2, 2.4.0test3 machine).
Smtp loops in MX-lookup on hosts in the local domain, and I have not
figured out why (host gets an authorative reply)