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Re: Policies and RELAYCUSTOMER

[This was a private question, but reply has more wide interests..]

On Wed, Jun 07, 2000 at 11:36:07AM -0300, Nicolas Baumgarten wrote:
> I'really sorry to bother you, and excuses for my english.
> I have zmailer running for a small ISP.
> The problem is that POP clients configure their from address to
> something@yahoo.com (for example) and send junk mail.
> I want to limit a group of IP addresses to only be able to
> use a specific group of domains in MAIL FROM 

  The system does not have facilities to mandate source domains
  per IP addresses.

  We *could* try to create something of this type -- however
  the thing would be of type:  "from this IP range, MAIL FROM must be
  of these suffixes" -- doing "this MAIL FROM is ok only from that IP-
  address range" would be separate issue.

  Doing it properly would require two new attributes, e.g.:
	- mailfromverify ".foo.fi:.faa.fi:fuu.fi"
	- mailfromip     "[]/24,[]/25"

  We are running this type of policy things in separate applications
  when we have e.g. email-to-pager systems, which are built with "sender
  pays" rule.

  Running them at the major email relays is ... cumbersome.

  My workplace ISP operations are perhaps unusual, but we have some 24 000
  different email domains in use, of these 2700 are different in the top-most
  two domain components.. (compare with e.g. AOL approach, all have *same*
  domain.)   We have also kwazillion dialup lines, and customers using our
  email services from their leased line connectivity.

  ... but if a decent model can be created to control the thing without
  too much revision of the code, then why not.  I would not use it myself,
  but perhaps some other people could use it.

> Thanks in advance, and special thanks for a grat piece of work/software. 
> Nicolás Baumgarten

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>