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Re: message file is missing(!)

On 07-Jun-00 at 18:27, Matti Aarnio (mea@nic.funet.fi) wrote:

> >   <smtp nevalink.ru fil@nevalink.ru 60001>: message file is missing(!) --
> > possibly due to delivery scheduler restart.  Consider resending your
> > message 
> > started to appear, I think, since I upgraded to the version where
> > router injects messages into hashed directory.  And they apparently
> > has nothing to do with scheduler restarts.  Any thoughts?
>   Weird.  I just tested a system which was par with 2nd of June CVS, and
>   these two ZENV entries seem to have properly working system:
>   The "ROUTERDIRHASH" is for clients injecting into the router, and is
>   detected, and obeyed by the  -lzmailer library routines.  However if
>   the router directory does not have subdirs of A thru Z, then things
>   won't be happy at all!  (Ok, I should add some submission fallback
>   code..)
>   My tests show that  router->scheduler interface works just fine
>   (SCHEDULERDIRHASH variable).

I found that I did NOT have SCHEDULERDIRHASH=1.
Another change that I did just before it started was mounting the
postoffice directory with logging (Solaris 7 mount option).
BTW apparently the latter significantly lowered busy level on the
logical device!  I was expecting the opposite effect.