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Re: Examining my "cvs diff"...

On 11-May-00 at 00:19, Matti Aarnio (mea@nic.funet.fi) wrote:

> > 2. Smtpserver's Makefile should not ever need @GETPWLIB@
>      How about smtp auth extension ?

Ouch!  You are right.

> > 4. Solaris 7 has gethostid() that conflicts with gethostid() in dotlock.c
>      Hmm..  Why automatic  gethostid()  detection doesn't find it ?
>      What library contains that function ?

There was, I guess, type mismatch or something...  Let me recall...
Oh yes, it was on HP and not on Solaris!  Int vs. long in 64bit mode
maybe?  OK, I cannot reproduce this now anyway so forget it.  When I
lay my hands on HP with 64bit CC again I'll report.