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Re: Yahoo

On 00.05.10 Nicolas Baumgarten pressed the following keys:

> Related to yahoo, we have some problems with large mails deliveries.
> Specifically we had a 3.x Mb message for a user whose quota is 3Mb.
> This message was intended to send more than 20 times until aborted, always
> with 
> the same message and at exactly the same position.
> As yahoo is not using ESMTP (SIZE), am I right to suppose that they are
> doing something wrong?
> --------------------
> May  9 18:16:08 xxx smtp[1847]: S233558AbQEIN1X: to=<xx@yahoo.com>,
> delay=07:48:45, xdelay=0:14:01, mailer=smtp, relay=mx1.mail.yahoo.com
> ([|25||1710]), stat=deferred smtp; 500 (msgbuffer
> write IO-error[1]! [Broken pipe] DATA 3165994/3976064 [80%])

It looks to me like someone is limiting size of message through process
memory limits. Like smtpd was dying after reaching critical mass. Something
like this was used some time ago with qmail AFAIK.


Bastard Operator From