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premature EOF on DATA input


I've had a rash of SMTP errors in the last week.  All seem to be due to some 
kind of timeout error when a remote system attempts to deliver mail to my smtp 
server.  A sample message follows:

May  9 13:21:08 Server-01 smtpserver[1701]: IUMW01701 - aborted (41607 bytes) 
from web4204.mail.yahoo.com/48913: premature EOF on DATA input

The same messages continue to err out each time the remote performs another 
delivery attempt.  The messages are relatively large (aborting between 20K and 
40K bytes transferred).  Since the problem is recent, I've been racking my brain 
trying to identify something I might have done to affect this, but I can't think 
of anything.  

I'm running 2.99.53Pre1 on a very low volume Debian/Intel server  Any 
suggestions as to what I should check?  Are there other resources to which I can 

Thanks for your time and help and the great software!

Neal Morgan  

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