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Re: PARAM RcptLimitCount

On Thu, Apr 20, 2000 at 11:21:26AM +0200, Piotr Glaska wrote:
> Hi!
> I set PARAM RcptLimitCount 100 in smtpserver.conf, but is seems it doesn't
> work. 
> smtpserver still reports 250-X-RCPTLIMIT 10000

	Oops..  Rcpt-Limit-Count  and RcptLimitCnt  are recognized
	names for that variable..  I will add this third variant.

> Also PARAM max-error-recipients seems to be ignored.

	It used to work ...  I see, then latter I had changed the treatment
	of user input strings not to cut things up by '\0' chars, but to
	use explicite string lengths.

> ps. zmailer 2.99.53-pre1
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/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>