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Re: insanely fast delivery reties

On 14-Apr-00 at 14:58, Matti Aarnio (mea@nic.funet.fi) wrote:

> > For some reason, scheduler(?) (up to minute CVS source) got mad: it
> > is retrying a few undeliverable jobs in the queue without any delay.
>      You are right.  I see them at nic.funet.fi too.
>      (Now that you brought it to my attention..)

seems to be fixed now

> > P.S. this is not be the last one for today :-) I also have all router
> > processes eventually fall in loop and stop processing queue.  I'll post
> > when I gather more information.
>      Up to minute routers need up to minute (well, couple months
>      ago) scripts to handle logging issues.  They should not jam
>      in the way you seem to imply..
>      If they are busylooping, callback traces from running processes
>      would be most educative.

Yes, now when scheduler cooled down, I've put the current version
in production, and when the busy loop happens again, I'll attach
gdb and post a report.