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UUCP - adresses mailformed :(


I'm using Zmailer version .51 on daily basis on most of my servers and it
works great. However I've encountered following problem: Friend of my has
small network with one Linux server which connects to Internet via dial-up
end exchange mail via UUCP with my server.  
It works fine using sendmail+UUCP (eg UUCP configuration on both sides is
proper). But when I've upgraded my friend's machine to Zmailer there were
problems with mail.

With Sendmail when I make (on friend machine) `uustat -a` it says:

[bla bla bla]  rmail User@Domain

With Zmailer it says:

[bla bla bla]  rmail Domain!User

and my main server try to deliver mail to user Domain!User@cs.net.pl
which is obviously wrong (btw, cs.net.pl is my domain)
BTW, everything works fine with sendmail :(

The only one non-standard thing I've made was adding to db/routes:

.   uucp!cyber   #cyber is an uucp name of my server 

One of colegues suggested that there was a problem with UUCP scripts is
.51. If so, where can I find a patch?


CYBER Service / PKFL