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Re: SSL/TLS and certificates

On Fri, Mar 10, 2000 at 05:35:09PM -0400, Trent MacDougall wrote:
> I have zmailer-2.99.52 running and was wondering how I get relaying to work
> when using SSL and a certificate?

	Certificate only relay control ?
	Sorry, but I don't really trust on it that way...
	(Certificate revocation verification mandates usage of (online)
	 revocation list database, and that is lacking in OpenSSL yet.)

> I am currently running Netscape 4.7 and have a certificate loaded.
> What do I have to tell smtpserver that the certificate is okay and to allow
> relaying?

	Define "Outgoing SMTP user name", and when user supplies
	the password, verify it.

	To enable that, uncomment "PARAM smtp-auth" at the
	smtpserver.conf  file.

	I do use (myself) SSL only as cryptographic wrapper;
	SMTP peer authentication (e.g. for relaying) is done
	inside it in plain-text.

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