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Zmailer receives but won't send mail

I'm sure this is some kind of newbie-like lack of ability, and probably
isn't a zmailer problem, but I'd really like some advice on it.
I installed zmailer with the standard options, following the instructions in
the INSTALL file, just like I have done a couple of times before on other
Zmailer happily receives all the mail to the server but wont send any mail
In syslog I get the router messages for each mail out, but the smtpserver
won't start (at least I don't get any syslog messages like in other
In /var/log/mail/scheduler I get some strange messages like:
reclaim(6,-1) pid=-9457, reaped=1, chan=smtp, host=hipopotamo.markdata.pt
Resyncing file "N/234819-9086" (ino=234819 pid=9459 of=1
ho='hipopotamo.markdata.pt') reqcnt=1
(hipopotamo.markdata.pt was the recipient server)

in /var/log/smtpserver I get messages for the incoming mail only. (fixed the
policy errors: all the clients are allowed)

in/var/log/router I don't get any error messages, each line appears to state
that the routing has been successfull

I have the named daemon installed and running as cache only.

any ideas ?