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Re: Size accumulation in smtpserver?


> Date sent:      Tue, 29 Feb 2000 16:52:33 +0200
> From:           Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>
> Subject:        Re: Size accumulation in smtpserver?

> > 2.99.52
> > 
> >     /* SS->sizeoptsum += SS->sizeoptval; */
> >         SS->sizeoptsum = SS->sizeoptval;

>     Ok, adding   "PARAM  sum-sizeoption-value"   -- which presence will
>     accumulate sizeoptsum so that comparing its sum against  availspace
>     will block message reception if total amount exceeds the space
>     available in POSTOFFICE spool area.

Just thoughts. I wrote, I was looking at this problem with tolerance 
for 4 years.. Why? Because it apperared in INBOUND mail for my 
company. And yes, I was not interested to allow sending same huge 
files to several recipients at my host.

Now I found this problem in OUTBOUND relay. So, it become my pain.
Yes, our secretary is teached to send one copy of scanned package per
destination domain - but all the bundle with several different 
destinations is passing  via same outbound relay, saving our leased 
line bandwidth.

In other words, limit accumulation seems to be useful for final 
destination host. No accumulation is more natural for relay. And this 
choice should be controlled.

Well, the current (no accumulation) behavior seems to be more natural, 
and should be default.

>     That won't make sense, unless each recipient is stored locally
>     separately (in classic UNIX mailbox sense), and the spool area
>     for them is same device as where  POSTOFFICE  area is.

IMHO, rare case in normal (well-administered) systems?