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Re: smtp policy problem

Matti Aarnio wrote:

>  What is my recommendation, is that you list your customer networks, and
>  mark them as  'relaycustnet +' -- then people sending from those domains
>  will be able to send just fine.
>        []/16        relaycustnet +
>        []/24      relaycustnet +
>   An alternate is to enable SMTP AUTHENTICATION (AUTH LOGIN) subsystem,
>   possibly under STARTTLS envelope (e.g. SSL wrapper above SMTP.)
>   Then have users authenticate to the smtpserver before sending anything.

Well, it is very difficult for me because I've got users in various
networks and they are using different kind of email clients, so I think
some of them will not be able to use smtp authentication.
Only way to partly prevent my server from spamming is checking MAIL FROM
Is there possibility to add this feature in new version of zmailer?