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smtpserver policy questions, some doc updates


  I have gotten ZMailer manual update/writing going again
  (not thanks to jade, and GCC C++ inliner, and jadetex bugs,
   but those are just a tool problems..)

  I just updated web-copy of the beast at  www.zmailer.org

  Any comments ?
  Text submissions appreciated, I can SGMLize them.
  (For the unconverted reference sections -- router's functions
   are *real* pain, but I haven't even decided proper markup for
   that part yet..)

  At the smtpserver there is also attribute:

nic-2.03# more smtp-policy.relay 
[]/32 fulltrustnet +
[]/8 fulltrustnet + localdomain +

  Traffic coming in from those networks are given
  a carte-blance for sending anything they wish.
  Syntax is checked, that is all.

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>