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Re: No A, no MX... but still retrying.

On Mon, Feb 21, 2000 at 02:01:45PM +0000, Alexey Lobanov wrote:
> Hello.
> It happens that my users mistype addresses like: <user.domain@de>. 
> Domain 'de' definitely exists. And definitely receives no mail. 
> Instead of immediate rejection,  I have normal 2-day retry process 
> with TRUE :-) diagnostics:

	It should be minimum of 3 days - to allow long weekend.
	Two days is a bit -- shortish..

>     Nov 16 14:45:07 atrium smtp[23555]: smtp; 500 (nameserver data 
>     inconsistency. No  MX, no address: 'de' (NONAME)) r=69
> What should I do to provide immediate rejection in case of existing 
> non-mail-capable (no A, no MX) domain?

	Yes it should, however I have seen also cases of temporary
	DNS failures yielding same result, and I am not very happy
	about those :-/

	I really should debug that beast someday so we have reliable
	diagnostics of that kind -- and not "sendmail like".
	(I mean: yielding permanent errors on temporary ones..)

	Main problem, I think, is buried deep within  getaddrinfo()
	library, and sadly if it is faulty, there is very little
	hope...  (Local copy - fixable - is used only if system
	libraries don't have it...)

	Open-coding the address resolver beast at  smtp.c  would
	perhaps yield more reliable diagnostic, but it would be
	some 300-400 lines of code very least :-/
	(And not using  /etc/hosts  at all, I think..)

> Regards,
> Alexey

/Matti Aarnio	<mea@nic.funet.fi>