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what is needed to get smtp to use another port

I am using zmailer 2.99.50-s10 and want smtp traffic to a particular host to
connect to an smtp server on a different port (ie. port 28).

I have made put the following in my routes file:

.foo.com                 smtp2!smtp.foo.com

I have put the following in my schedule.conf file:

       command="smtp -s -c smtp -p 28 -l /var/zmailer/log/smtp2"

When I look at smtp2 log file I get the following repeated over and over:

05336Y0000018494#       jobspec: Z/8371-1171    smtp.foo.com
05336Y0000118494# c='smtp' h='smtp.foo.com' #resync Z/8371-1171

What am I missing so that I can send email to a particular host using a
different smtp port.

                Trent MacDougall @ InfoInterActive Inc.
           Network Administrator @ 902-832-2651
			IIAtrent @ AOL Instant Messenger