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zmailer and other uids


Yeah, zmailer is great, but I don't like one thing in it: probably all
processes are running as root.

I think it would be a great security improvement (I don't tell that
zmailer is not secure), if most of the processes were running as non-root
user. Qmail has qmaild user for smtp-daemon, qmailr for remote
deliveries. I'm not zmailer expert, but I looked at zmailer architecture
and it should be easy to add such features - only to call some of the
set*id() functions right after bind() and to change owner of the queue

The best functions of the set*id() group are setresuid and setresgid, but
they are linux-specific, under other OS, setreuid and setregid should be

I would by grateful for an answer explaining, if this features will be
introduced in zmailer soon, or if not, or at least if we should sent some
tested patches.

Thanks for all and good luck in work for zmailer :)

Grzegorz Janoszka
onet.pl network admin