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Re: Msg with _large_ To: header crashes scheduler (2.99.52p1)

On Wed, Jan 19, 2000 at 09:51:50PM +0100, Geert Altena wrote:
> 'ello,
> Today something odd happened with the scheduler (Zmailer 2.99.52p1),
> it crashed when processing a message.
> I noticed it because some email I was expecting didn't get delivered.
> Doing a "mailq" revealed that the scheduler wasn't running, checking
> the scheduler log file read showed that it crashed on one message.

  Sorry, these symptoms don't make sense.  You didn't see core of the
  scheduler ?

> Scheduler log error message:
> -----------------------------
> Synchronous startup completed, messages: 41 (0 skipped) recipients: 72
> ***********************************************************************
> 20000119150759 DBGdiag: # sm:15544: lockaddr: file 'X/148925-7831' host '-' expected ' ' found '~'

   Nope, this didn't crash -- although it might indicate some other
   problem at around 'sm'..

> Offending mail (edited to protect the clueless^Winnocent)
> (Note the extreme long To: header)
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Weird... could it be a buffer overflow somewhere in scheduler?

  (I tried a few variations - no crash)

  It is possible, but only having a backtrace from scheduler's core
  would reveal the real mccoy...

> Anyway, I killed the Zmailer, moved the offending mail out of
> the $POSTOFFICE/transport and /queue dirs and restarted Zmailer
> again, no probs this time, it started doing its thing quite happy
> again...
> \Geert.
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