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Newbie Q: SMTP mail not going out

Hello, I don't know if there's an archive for this list, and if this
question has been made before. If so, please tell me where can I find

The problem:
I've installed Zmailer 2.99.50 on a RH6.1 box following the zmanual
I can send & receive local mail.
I can receive mail from the outside.
But I cannot send mail out side. No error mail are sent to the sender.
Mails are queued but nothing else. This is what scheduler log reads:

>reclaim(6,-1) pid=-733, reaped=1, chan=smtp, host=agi.red.agi SIGNAL=11
>reclaim(7,-1) pid=-734, reaped=1, chan=smtp, host=red.agi SIGNAL=11
>Resyncing file "I/17870-1619" (ino=17870 pid=735 of=1 ho='agi.red.agi') reqcnt=14
>Resyncing file "J/17871-1621" (ino=17871 pid=735 of=1 ho='agi.red.agi') reqcnt=7
>Resyncing file "G/17868-1621" (ino=17868 pid=736 of=1 ho='red.agi') reqcnt=13

My LAN is like this:

agi.red.agi(sendmail)	------	paquito.red.agi(zmailer)
MX				MX
red.agi				paquito.red.agi

Thanks in advance & sorry for my poor english. :-)

Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death (Patrick Henry)