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I have tried what you suggested but i still can't get it work. If i telnet
from an outside computer to port 25 and do helo host, mail from: <email>
and then rctp to: <email> it sais that it is ok. Can someone tell me
exactly what to do and what to put in the file smtp-policy.relay ? Now
that file looks like this:

Deimos:/usr/local/mail/var/db/proto# more smtp-policy.relay
# localhost
# local networks
[]/       fulltrustnet +
[]/      fulltrustnet +
[]/      fulltrustnet +
# An outside computer
[]/0    rejectnet +

I would be deeply thankful if someone could help me with this. I really
dont want to change to Sendmail :(

Best greetings from Sweden!

/ Jacob J <jacob@raptor.funcoform.se>