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2 problems with 2 zmailer versions.

I have 2.99.50-s10 Running on a linux Alpha(RH5.1+) system(installed via
The problem I am having is that I cannot bounce any mail out from the
local network. I get a "Policy rejection on the target address". Is there
any way to figure out what SMTP poilcy I am violating since the setup is
similar to one we have running on a different system.

I also have 2.99.52-pre3 running on an Alpha(RH6.0) The problem I have on
this system is that the server complains about not having enough space to
store the mail "452 4.3.0 Requested action not taken: insufficient
storage". I believe that this problem has been rased before but searching
through the zmailer mail log can be a bit of a problem.  Is there an
indexed/threaded log anywhere and if there is could somebody please put a
link on the zmailer.org web site to it.

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