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diffrent behaviour of mailq, and some other stuff


After successful (at least) upgrading zmailer. I wanted to check my mailq...
But when I've typed "mailq" command, I haven't recived anything (in previous
version there was at least sth. like "Mailque is empty". 

Is this a bug or just normla behaviour ???

I have to say that I've got quite unusuall configuration couse I'm running one
chroot'ed enviroment (shell), and to allow that shell users send mail, I had
to run anothe router and scheduler process with some options.

[root@devil|/var/log/mail]# ps -ax | grep Matrix
  273 ??  Ss      0:00.07 scheduler -l /var/log/mail/scheduler.perflog -S -H
-P /Matrix/var/spool/postoffice -L /var/log/mail/scheduler.chroot
16494 ??  Ss      0:00.01 router -dkn 1 -L /var/log/mail/router.chroot -P

So I had to declare another postoffice directory... (router and scheduler for
standart postoffice directory is alos working at a same time couse I've
alos have some non-chrooted shell users [trusted]...) 

I noticed that this performs some strange log outputs for scheduler and mailq
(In previous version of zmailer) when I was typing mailq it was checing it
correctly, but in scheduler.chroot log I was recinving error about "bind:
mailq port already in use" or sth. like that (now I've linked that log to
/dev/null couse I didn't want to recive thousend of thiss errors, and mailq
was woring fine). 

So might it be couse by my conf,. (I mean why does mailq not "say" "Mailq is
empty", when it is empty... it just does nothing now)

And another thing...

Few months ago I was trying to install zmailer on my sparc station (with
Solaris 2.6), It have compiled fine, however sth. gone wrong, and when it had
turned on "PARAM  policydb   btree  /usr/local/zmailer/db/smtp-policy" in
smtpserver.con it wasn't woking (error about policy datapbes. can't remember
it exactly) Howerver when I've turned it off it was working... but wasn't
sending any mails... and didn't deliver any mails to mailboxes after
reciving them...  

I wonder if it was coused (the problem with smtpolicy.db) by diffrent databes
format (couse on solaris it's sth with .dir and .pak as I remember) or by sth.
else ? And why it didn't deliverd any messages.

Ok, last thing...

[root@devil|/usr/local/src/zmailer]# make install
make: don't know how to make smtpserver.auth. Stop
*** Error code 2

(I've used make install-bin, but I wonder why did I recived an error during
this one.)

        I thing that's all...

                Tomasz Bojakowski

/================="Don't get mad, get even."=================\
||              Tomasz "Mad Karrde" Bojakowski              ||
||   tel. +48603081163 , mad@pin.pl , mad@anakata.art.pl    ||