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Re: router alias expansion problem - upgrading from 2.99.48 to2.99.51

On 3 Nov 1999, Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

> Ken Hinson <hinsonkp@math.vt.edu>
> > Oh, by the way.  I couldn't send this message from my system because I'm
> > in the ORBS database:
> Might I suggest that people not use ORBS?
> I was there too, from the time they dreamed up some new way to fool
> zmailer until... I don't know when.  I upgraded zmailer and closed the
> relay, but after four tries (a week or so) I gave up on getting any
> response from http://www.orbs.org/closed1.cgi .

I also had the same problem for a while. I just got it to go away by
installing the latest version of Zmailer. The description of the problem
that Orbs gave me was that an address of the form xxx!www@zzz.com would
get forwarded.  I found this a bit of a supprise since the smtpserver
claimed that it did some "!" processing to throw away these addresses.

But the latest version has fixed these problems so I can relax for a week
or two before some genius finds another email exploit. 

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