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Re: Router loops

On Tue, Aug 31, 1999 at 05:18:36PM +0300, Teddy 'tricky' Grenman wrote:
> Somewhere around line 338 in libsh/listmalloc.c
> ***snip***
>       for (i= 0; i < gcp->nvars; ++i) {
>         if (*(gcp->var[i])) {
> #ifdef DEBUG_xx
>           fprintf(stderr," cons_DSW(GCPRO->%p)\n",*(gcp->var[i]));
> #endif
>           cons_DSW(*(gcp->var[i]));
>         }
>       }
>       gcp = gcp->next;
>     }
> ***snip***
> gcp == gcp->next, which causes a few of my lists not to work.

	Damn, still that problem is present.
	Could you try to isolate it to some (any!) statement
	executed by the router ?

	Running router as:

		$MAILBIN/router -i -o-ioG

	will produce *immense* amount of debug output, but it might
	also produce the error.

	After having the router to start, and present "z# " prompt,
	do run command:  rtrace
	and then:        cd $POSTOFFICE/router
	and then:        process 123456
	(per whatever that spoolfile name is.)

> Also not dequoting .forward addresses breaks pipes of form
> "| /foo -test" (including quotes)?

	Don't dequote them.  Make sure (by manually copying)
	that you have up to date  .cf  files.
	(Which might harm previous bughunting, of course..)

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